People Counting System


  • Standalone, easy to install and maintain
  • Scalable hardware with field up gradable software features
  • Base configuration to support one camera with a PCS computing module and baseboard for external interface
  • Expandable up to three additional PCS computing modules
  • System can work in single, multiple, wide doorways or passage ways
  • System can count in uni-directional, bi-directional & group entry methods
  • Counts people moving at various speeds & directions across & defined count zone
  • Auto Poller software to collect & transmit data from count units automatically to a central location
  • Accurate counting in high density conditions
  • Advanced digital image processing technology to overcome effects of shadow & reflection
  • Overlay of count data on screen
  • Large non volatile memory to store count data
  • Other features like easy backup and restoration of configuration data, auto shut down of counting during low light and system health status display on the unit
  • Reporting software to generate graphs, table & comparison reports
  • System supports RS485 / Ethernet Interface and optionally, Relay & Display Interface
  • System has option to integrate MPEG4 / H.264 Streamer & web server solution