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Product Description.  
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Frequency
Operating mode
Reading Distance

Integrated circuit (IC)
Memory Size
Data Retention
Write Endurance




860 MHz - 960 MHz
Passive (battery-less transponder)
Upto 12m (Reader and antenna dependant)
NXP   Hitag - 1, Hitag - 2, Hitag - S, Mifare Std 1K, 4K Mifare DESFire 4K, I - Code. (Read & Write)
EM Marin   EM 4102 (read only), EM 4450, EM 4569 (Read & Write)
User Memory 512 bit

10 Years

100,000 Cycles
Physical Characteristics
Size : Φ 120mm, Φ 18mm, Φ 4mm (Other Shape & Size on request).
Hole Diamension : 3 mm
Weight : 16g
Colour : White
Antenna type : Wire Antenna
Raw Materials  
Antenna : Enamelled Copper Wire
Face material : ABS
Thermal & Environmental Characteristics
Ingress Protection : IP 67
Storage Temp : -20℃ to +70℃
Operating Temp : -20℃ to +70℃
  • Other IC type & Colour on request
  • Available with other plastic material e.g. PC, PC/ABS
  • Serialization, Logo printing using screen printing, laser marking etc
  • Ultra High Frequency Pallet tag is frequency independent and operates efficiently with read range upto 12m when attached to plastic, wood etc
  • Impact resistance construction for high durability
  • Can be easily attached to any surface with screw, nail, rivets and adhesive.
  • Flexible Read/Write Range (reader dependant).
  • Due to global frequency tuning and high read range, it can be used in inventory and other asset tracking applications throughout the world irrespective of frequency used in country.
  • Most suitable for direct application on corrugated box, curved parts made up of plastic and wood.
  • Suitable for Factory automation, Automotive & Security purpose.